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Why Think Tank Home?

There was a time when, if something needed doing at home and you weren't an expert, or didn't "know a guy," your only option was to hire a pro. Those days are gone. Today, the internet is crawling with tips, tricks and teasers. 

YouTube, social media and consumer review sites are great. The problem is, when anyone with an idea can post it online, you just never know what you're getting until it's too late.

The upside is, today, with more consumer advice to access than ever before, home-owners are tackling lots of projects they never would have considered a few short years ago. Unfortunately, the flood of online opinions can take even the simplest of weekend projects and make your head spin.

At Think Tank Home, we've condensed the world of home-improvement knowledge down to only the best, dependable and most consumer-friendly information and advice.

Maybe you're looking to remodel a basement, bedroom, or bathroom. Maybe you need do-it-yourself ideas for fixing a basement. Or, you may just want some solid advice on the right appliance, garbage disposal or water heater for your home or apartment. At Think Tank Home, the right way is just a click away.

We help you cut though the choices with trusted information and expert advice.

And, when it comes to finding what you're looking for quickly, our site has been carefully designed to take the headache out of the search. Access videos, checklists and other tools to plan and finish your project, fast. Our tools and tutorials cover all things for the home, both inside and out.

Or, if you're not in a hurry, feel free to stay a while and look around. Get inspired. Explore the most popular home repair, maintenance and improvement tasks. Get knowledge and tips to guide informed major project decisions. 

Whether you're getting ready to sell or you're staying put, get reliable home improvement tips to bring out the best of your home from balcony to basement.

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Our Promise to You

When it comes to your home, your trust is our top priority and we go to great lengths to provide detailed, accurate and useful information and advice on everything from do-it-yourself kits to the kitchen sink. If you see it on our site, you can rest assured, it's already been through an extensive research and review process.

We're here because we want you to succeed.

That means providing you with the most up-to-date, reliable home improvement, repair tips and do-it-yourself information available today. With comprehensive how-to content, trusted consumer features and reviews, Think Tank Home makes it easy and fun to take on even the most complex home improvement projects.

At Think Tank Home, we put the tools in your hands to create the home you love.

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