Air Conditioner Not Blowing Hard. What Should I Do?

    AC Not Blowing Hard

    Have you found that your air conditioner isn't blowing hard? On a Summer day your air conditioner can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and there's nothing worse than coming indoors and finding that the air just isn't moving thru your AC as it should. "Use our quick navigation below to find the problem with your air conditioner"

    When your AC is running, but very little air is coming out of the vents, you have an airflow problem. There are several different issues that can cause low airflow in an air conditioner. But before calling a professional, try to diagnose the problem yourself. Some of the solutions are surprisingly simple. In fact, there's a good chance  you can fix this yourself and save the expense of hiring a repair service.

    Reasons Your AC isn't Blowing Hard

    Here's the six primary reasons your air conditioner isn't blowing air thru your vents as it should. 

    Air Filter

    The reason your AC isn't blowing hard could be as simple as changing your air filter. An air conditioner draws warm air in, cools the air and then blows it back into your home. When the air filter is dirty, the air conditioner needs to work harder in order to move the air thru this cycle.

    Air filters should be changed as needed, but it's a best practice to check them every month. This video will show you how to change an air filter and perform other maintenance tasks on your air conditioner:

    Kink in the Flex Duct

    It's possible that you have a kink or a tight bend in your flex duct work. If this is your problem, the amount of air coming out of your vents will definitely be restricted.

    You may need a professional to solve this problem, but it's not a difficult task if you have access to your duct work. Duct work is often routed thru an attic, crawl space, basement ceiling or a garage. Simply follow it's path and look for kinks. This video shows the differences between rigid and flex duct work:

    Blocked Return Vent

    If your air conditioner isn't getting enough incoming air, it definitely won't be able to deliver enough cool air. This is an easy fix.

    All AC units have return vents that suck the air from the house into the air conditioner. If there's an obstruction, such as a bed or a couch located over the return vent, it won't be able to suck enough air back into the unit. This can result in your AC not blowing hard. Simply find the return vent and move any obstructions.

    Evaporator Coil

    If it's been awhile since you've changed your filter (or worse, run your AC with no filter at all!), it's possible that your evaporator coil is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

    In order for your air conditioner to complete the cooling process, air is blown over the evaporator coil. When the evaporator coils become dirty and clogged the airflow is blocked. When the airflow is blocked you'll notice a weakened flow of cool air coming from your vents.

    Although you can clean your evaporator coil yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional.  

    Duct Leaks

    If your duct system has disconnected joints or is leaking because it's not fully connected, your air conditioner is most likely working fine, it's just not able to deliver the amount of cool air expected. This is because air is escaping thru your duct work.

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    It's estimated that the average house loses up to 30% of the air that passes thru the duct work due to poorly connected ducts, holes or other leaks.

    If you have access to your ducts you may be able to fix this on your own or you may simply want to hire a professional.  This video shows several examples of duct leaks and how they can be repaired.

    Are you a DYI kind of person who's interested in tackling this project yourself? Below are some of the supplies you'll need: 

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    Blower Fan

    If your blower fan isn't working properly it won't be able to blow enough air thru your vents. There's a number of issues that can cause your blower fan to reduce it's output air flow:

    • Broken or worn fan belt 
    • Clogged with dirt
    • A stuck wheel 
    • Dead motor

    When the blower fan has problems, your air conditioner does too. Many people prefer to hire a professional to make this repair, but depending on your comfort level, you may be able to fix this yourself.

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