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How to Assemble an Infrared Sauna: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Congratulations! You made the decision to buy a sauna! Now, what? Are you worried about how to assemble your infrared sauna? Is it as difficult and overwhelming as it seems? The simple answer is NO.

You and another person can assemble your sauna in about an hour, but don’t try to do it yourself. Many of the sauna pieces can be heavy and awkward, particularly the roof. Trying to assemble it alone is not worth hurting yourself, or damaging your new sauna.

Installing a Home Infrared Sauna

Delivery truck driving on a road

Preparing for the Delivery of Your Infrared Sauna

Your sauna will likely be delivered in several large boxes that are packed onto a wooden pallet. The pallet will generally be delivered directly to your home, or you may be able to make arrangements, if you prefer, to pick it up directly from the shipping dock.

If you don’t plan on assembling your sauna right away, be sure to store it in a  dry, covered area. The shipping company may be able to assist you in placing the pallet to your chosen storage location.

But more likely, you’ll need to remove the individual boxes from the pallet and carry them yourself. That way, when you’re ready to assemble your sauna, the boxes will be dry and in good condition.

Woman enjoying a sauna

Selecting a Location for Your Infrared Sauna

Selecting a location to assemble and position your sauna is an important decision, and it’s highly likely that you’ve already decided. However, here are a couple of considerations:

  • Be sure your sauna is in a location where it won’t get wet. It shouldn’t be in a basement that's prone to flooding, nor should it be near water, such as a shower, bathtub, or pool.
  • The temperature of the room is also an important factor. The cooler the room, the longer the warm-up time, and in some cases could even prevent your sauna from reaching and maintaining your desired temperature.
  • Garages and basements can be challenging locations, as they are generally cooler, and sometimes unheated. Although, there are strategies for overcoming this obstacle, such as wrapping your sauna with insulation.
  • Unless your sauna is specifically designed as an outside sauna, it should only be installed inside a home or within an enclosed structure.
  • Your sauna needs to be near the appropriate (usually 20 Amp) electrical outlet. This outlet should be dedicated to your sauna and not used for anything else.
  • Your sauna should plug directly into the electrical outlet. Do not use an extension cord.
Inserting screws to form a base

How to Assemble Your Infrared Sauna

Each sauna manufacturer does things a little different. They may not use the same method of attaching the walls, or they may have a different electrical configuration. Some may require a little more assembly than others, but they all generally follow the same assembly process.

Saunas are designed to fall into alignment and provide a snug, tight fit. They're usually pre-assembled at the factory and then broken down for shipping. Making the assembling of your sauna a quick and easy process. In fact, as a general rule, you'll only need a screwdriver!

Although most manufacturers follow these general assembly guidelines, methods do vary. You should  always refer to your individual sauna manual  to guide you through the specifics of assembling your sauna.

Step-by-Step Directions to Assemble Your Infrared Sauna

Step 1

Two men carrying the base of the sauna
  • Place the base of your sauna on a flat, level surface near an electrical outlet.

Step 2

Back Wall
Placing the back wall of the sauna into the base
  • Place the back wall panel into the grooved channel on the sauna base.
  • Have someone hold it in place to prevent it from falling.

Step 3

Side Walls
Placing side wall into base of sauna
  • Place one of the side walls into the grooved channel of the sauna base.
  • Attach the side wall to the back wall of the sauna.
  • Manufacturers use different methods to connect the walls securely together.
Installing second wall into sauna base
  • Place the second wall into its position on the sauna base and secure it to the back wall.
  • Each wall must fit snuggly in place. There should not be any gaps between the base and the back wall.

Step 4

Man installing the bench heaters
  • Depending on your sauna, the bench installation will occur at this point. This is probably the most common order, although  be sure to consult your manual.
  • Slide the calf heater panel into place. There are usually grooves on each of the side walls to help hold it in place.
Connecting the electrical under the bench
  • Connect the electrical under the bench.
  • Most manufacturers pre-wire their saunas.
  • Each manufacturer uses a different electrical configuration, but its usually a matter of just plugging or snapping together the connections.
  • The terminal block is either located under the bench or inside the roof, depending on the manufacturer.
Placing the bench in the sauna
  • Place the bench top on top of the bench calf heaters.

Step 5

Carrying the door to the sauna
  • When carrying the door panel to the base, the door should be shut to prevent it from “swinging” open.
  • The door panel can be very heavy. Do not attempt to carry the door panel by yourself.
Positioning the door into the sauna base
  • Place the door panel onto the sauna base and connect it to the side walls.
  • Double check that all 4 corners of the sauna are snuggly in place. There should be NO gaps. 
  • Gaps are an indication that the sauna is not properly assembled.
  • In addition, gaps will likely keep the roof from properly falling into place.

Step 6

Men carrying the roof to the sauna
  • Determine the front of the roof. Some saunas are designed with a very clear “front” to the roof, such as a curved overlap. Others are difficult to determine at first glance.
  • Its common to have electrical connections that run from the roof to the walls. If possible, “tuck” them into the roof to help protect them from being “pinched” before you lift the roof onto the sauna walls.
  • The roof can be very heavy. Do not attempt to lift the roof by yourself.
Lowering the roof onto the sauna
  • Place the roof on top of the sauna walls.
  • Be careful not to “pinch” any electrical wires.
  • One method of attaching the roof's electrical is to place the roof onto small blocks of wood that you set on each corner. This will give you a little bit of working room to attach the electrical wires. Once attached, carefully remove the blocks of wood, and ease the roof into place.
  • The roof should fit snuggly on the sauna walls.
  • If the roof is not level, it is not properly in place.
Connecting the wiring
  • Plug or snap together the electrical connections from the roof to the walls, and any other electronics such as a radio.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, the terminal block is either located in the roof or under the bench.
  • Consult your  sauna manual  for your specific configuration.

Step 7

Finishing Touches
Attaching the handle to the sauna door
  • Install the door handle.
  • Do not over tighten the screws on the door handle. This could result in damaging or cracking the glass.
  • Install any other extras such as a cup holder or magazine rack.
Plug the sauna into a wall electrical outlet
  • To remove the manufacturing dust, wipe down the inside and outside of your sauna with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the glass door with a mixture of vinegar and water. Do not use chemical cleansers.
  • If you need to move your sauna once it is assembled (such as closer to the wall). Do not push against the walls of the sauna, only push the bottom base.
  • Plug your sauna into an electrical outlet.

Assembling Your Sauna Video

As you can see, assembling an infrared sauna isn't difficult. With a little planning and the help from a friend, you’ll have your sauna up and ready to use in about an hour.

Watch the Video

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