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    Evaporator Coil Leak: What You Need to Do

    HVAC Tech Checking for a Leak in the Evaporator

    During the hot days of Summer your air conditioner can be your best friend, but when you have an evaporator coil leak the cold air it normally blows can turn warm. Leaving you in an uncomfortable house with the need to fix the situation as soon as possible. This article will help you identify if […]

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    Why Your Furnace is Short Cycling and What to Do About It

    Set of Wrenches

    Your furnace is one of those appliances you never think about until something goes wrong. Then, when you’re sitting on your couch shivering, it’s a top priority to get it fixed as soon as possible. One especially frustrating problem is when your furnace is short cycling! In this article, we’ll cover the common causes and […]

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    What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Air Flow Is Weak

    AC Not Blowing Hard

    Have you found that your air conditioner isn’t blowing hard or has a weak airflow? On a Summer day your air conditioner can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and there’s nothing worse than coming indoors and finding that the air just isn’t moving through your AC as it should or even worse, […]

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    Tips For Home HVAC Maintenance During Every Season

    Doing seasonal HVAC maintenance will help keep your system operating in peak condition. With the chill of winter and the scorching heat of summer, your furnace and air conditioner is quietly working hard to keep you comfortable. But with a little attention every few months, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in repair or […]

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    How Long Does a Furnace Last?

    Repairman working on a furnace

    Many homeowners ask, “how long does a furnace last?” when they’re experiencing problems or trying to determine why they don’t have heat! Let’s face it, this is a common question when your furnace begins to fail or it’s getting on in years. But in reality, how long your furnace lasts depends on many factors, including […]

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    Bradford White 40 Gallon RG240T6N Water Heater Review

    Bradford White 40 Gallon RG240T6N

    Even the best water heaters don’t last forever. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, check out the Bradford White 40 Gallon RG240T6N. It has a lot to offer at a reasonable price, and we think it’s definitely worth your time. If you’ve been looking for a water heater, you’ve probably discovered […]

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