Why Does My AC Unit Keep Running?

    Repairman working on AC unit

    One of the most common problems that homeowners face with central AC is a unit that runs constantly. An AC unit with this problem may cycle on and off over and over again, or it may simply stay on for hours on end. This can cause massive power bills as well as unnecessary wear and […]

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    On Your Search For The Best Hot Water Heater For Hard Water You May Ask: How Do You Protect Tankless Water Heaters From Hard Water?

    Hard Water

    Hard water can play havoc with tankless water heaters. But by taking a few  precautionary actions  you’ll not only save money, you can also prevent a major headache. Water hardness varies by geographical location, and the level of hardness is determined by the amount of dissolved minerals within the water supply. How Soft Water Becomes Hard WaterWater […]

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    How to Assemble an Infrared Sauna: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Tool laying on a table

    Congratulations! You made the decision to buy a sauna! Now, what? Are you worried about how to assemble your infrared sauna? Is it as difficult and overwhelming as it seems? The simple answer is NO.You and another person can assemble your sauna in about an hour, but don’t try to do it yourself. Many of […]

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    Infrared Sauna vs. Traditional Steam Sauna: What’s the Difference?

    Rolled towels on a sauna bench with a bucket of water

    Steam saunas have been around for centuries, but infrared saunas are still relatively new. It’s a common misconception to think that they are both basically the same. In fact, there are actually a lot more differences than similarities between the two.Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Sauna Quick Navigation How Much Energy is Used? How Long Does it […]

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    4 Steps to Successful Weight Loss: And How to Stay On Track

    Man standing with a sledge hammer looking through a hole in a brick wall

    We’ve all been there. We decide we want to lose a few pounds. We feel motivated and excited and ready to take on the world. It seems achievable. Then quietly, a little self-doubt begins to creep its way into our thoughts, and we start wondering if it’s even possible.What Stands Between You and Success? Quick […]

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    Sugar Addiction: Is it Really as Addictive as Cocaine?

    Bowl of sugar cubes with a spoon

    Sugar has become the “hot new topic” in medical news. You can find books written on the troubles it causes, and movies devoted to how the food industry is leading us into obesity. There’s even television shows focusing on obese contestants . . . many of whom struggle with what they define as sugar addiction. […]

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    Willpower: How to Win the Battle

    Man jumping between two rocks

    When you think about willpower and weight loss, does the thought of white-knuckling your way through a maze of temptations come to mind? If it does, you likely don’t feel very empowered . . . in fact, you probably feel a little depressed and aggravated. The truth is, there’s more to the act of exercising willpower […]

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