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    Keeping Your Basement Remodel Within Budget: 5 Helpful Tips

    Basement Budget

    Keeping your basement remodel within budget may be more challenging than you think. Basement projects are notorious for going over budget. Frequently homeowners start remodeling projects without a clear idea of their desired end result. In other words, what started out being a gym ends up as a fancy entertainment room with a treadmill!Many times […]

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    Waterproofing Your Basement: 6 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry

    waterproofing tips

    All basements are prone to flooding and waterproofing your basement before a problem begins can save you a huge future headache. Since basements are underground, either partially or entirely, the ground water level is frequently higher than the basement floor. If the foundation is not properly waterproofed, at some point you’ll find unwelcome water in […]

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    How To Repair Basement Leaks: Where They Leak and What To Do

    Repair Basement Leaks

    It’s not uncommon for your  basement to leak, but knowing how to repair basement leaks is an important first step. There are 7 main places where a basement will experience waterproofing problems, and knowing what to look for can help you get ahead of a potentially disastrous problem. In some cases you may need to […]

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    Why Is Your Basement Leaking: The Answer May Surprise You

    Leaking Basement

    A leaking basement is never a good thing, but it’s an issue that many homeowners share. Unfortunately, regardless of how well protected a basement is, at some point, there’s a good chance it’ll need attention to prevent leaking. Determining the source of a minor leak can be a critical step in preventing an expensive basement […]

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    How to Build a French Drain: A Step-by-Step Guide

    French Drain

    A french drain may be the answer to your problem of pooling around the outside of your house, or if you occasionally notice dampness in your basement. These types of drains can be among the best defenses flooded basements, and combined with a sump pump, a french drain is an extremely effective method of keeping […]

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    How to Waterproof Your Basement


    If you struggle with flooding, then you certainly know why it’s important to waterproof your basement. Many homeowners with basements have consistent water leakage problems.We’ll cover 7 different methods to protect your basement from flooding in this article. Some are amazingly simple, and others may require professional assistance.7 Methods to Waterproof Your Basement Quick Navigation […]

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    What To Do With a Flooded Basement

    Flooded Basement

    When you find yourself with a flooded basement there’s more to worry about than just the damage it can cause to your home. Water damage can also be dangerous to you and your family’s health. Floors, sub floors and walls can all be damaged by even a little water, and worse, wet and damp areas […]

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    Water Heater Safety: What You Need To Know

    Water Heater Safety

    Water heater safety is rarely something you think about. In fact, most people don’t think about their water heater at all. It’s an easy appliance to take for granted. It sits in a closet, in your garage, or somewhere else out of site in your home and quietly does it’s job. If you don’t regularly […]

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