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    The 5 Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Ratings of 2019

    Man taking a shower

    In many ways electric tankless water heaters are under appreciated in the world of on-demand hot water. They offer many advantages over their​​​​ gas fuelled cousin, but frequently ​don’t receive the credit they deserve. Although, they do have short comings, their versatility and superb energy efficiency make them hard to ignore. Read on to find […]

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    Best Tankless Gas Water Heater Buyers Guide 2019

    Natural Gas Flame

    The popularity of on-demand water heating systems has increased over the last few years, and gas tankless water heaters are often the favorite choice. Gas tankless systems offer many advantages over electric units, but they also have their share of short comings. This buyers guide will help you determine if a gas system is right […]

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    Choosing The Best Under Sink Water Heater

    Woman washing hands in a bathroom sink

    While there are many different types of water heaters on the market today, one option for you and your available space might be an under sink water heater. These are typically a type of small water heater for a compact space, they are energy-efficient, cost-effective, relatively easy to install, and provides fast water in just […]

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    Best 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater: Which One Is Right For You?

    Repair man turning on a gas water heater

    Did you know that the cost of heating water amounts to almost 20 percent of your household budget? Which is second only to the cost of heating and cooling your home! Beyond that, people tend to largely ignore their water heaters until they’re not working properly. If you are facing the burden of purchasing a […]

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    Best Tankless Water Heater of 2019: Our 5 Favorite Heaters

    Best Tankless Water Heaters

    Are you looking for the best tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters have gained popularity over the years because they deliver hot water nearly instantaneously. Why Choose a Tankless Heater?With a considerably longer service life than traditional tank style water heaters, the ability to fit into tight spaces, and their environmental appeal, tankless water heater […]

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    110 Volt Tankless Water Heater: What You Need to Know

    Hand in a spray of hot water

    Tankless heaters come in all different sizes. There are small water heater units, designed for point-of-use that only draw 110 volts, and more powerful units which can heat enough hot water for an entire household.  The first step in determining which size water heater is right for you is to understand what you’ll be requiring […]

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    Rinnai RL 75in Tankless Water Heater Review

    Review of Rinnai RL 75in

    The Rinnai RL 75in tankless water heater is an indoor, non-condensing, energy-efficient unit built by a leading manufacturer in the industry. If you’re looking for a powerful gas tankless that’s capable of providing a nearly endless supply of hot water, you’ll want to read this review. We’ll take a detailed look at the Rinnai RL 75in […]

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