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California Design Den Sheets: Review

California Design Den Review

Finding the right set of sheets can make a big difference on how well you sleep at night. Some bed sheets can make you feel like royality, while others fall short.

I've recently been using sheets from California Design Den, and although I had not heard about this company before they approached us regarding a review, I have to say, I'm impressed.

California Design Den Sheets Review

At Think Tank Home we pride ourselves on giving unbiased reviews . . . no matter what. But I need to be honest, when I first looked at these sheets I wasn't excited.

It wasn't because of the sheets themselves, they were impressive, but rather the fact that I was reviewing them during the Winter.

You see, I'm a flannel sheet lover. I can't wait until the Fall when I can put my warm, cozy flannels on my bed, and aside from laundering, they don't come off until late Spring. 

So, after washing the California Design Den sheets I reluctantly started using them. I expected to miss my flannels by morning. Much to my suprise, I found these sheets to be every bit as cozy. In fact, after sleeping on them for a couple of weeks, I'm not sure I want to go back to flannel sheets!

The Company

One of the primary missions of California Design Den is to manufacture premium quality bedding and deliver it to the consumer at an unbeatable value.  

But what sets this company apart from so many other manufacturers is how they conduct their business. The company was founded over a decade ago on 2 core principles: Transparency and utilizing an ethical production process.

When you purchase a set  of sheets, or other bedding from California Design Den, you can feel confident that they were made with pride in their award winning factory located in India. Where the working conditions were safe, and the employees were paid a liveable wage.  

California Design Den 400 Thread Count Sheets


Long Staple Cotton

Since California Design Den sheets are woven from pure natural 100% long staple cotton they'll resist pilling and tearing. They'll also become softer with each washing. 

400 Threads per Square Inch

With a thread count of 400, these sheets have a very luxurious soft feel. 

Single-Ply Yarn

"Ply" refers to how many single fibers are twisted together to form the yarn used in the material of the sheets. Single-ply yarn produces soft and long-lasting sheets.

Sateen Weave

A sateen weave is one of the more popular sheet weaves. You can expect warmth and softness as well as a pleasant silky feel. 

Sheet Features


California Design Den sheets are manufactured in India and have achieved the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certification, which tests for harmful substances to ensure consumer safety.


All seams are hand stitched and individually tailored with great attention to detail.

Bottom Sheet

The fitted bottom sheet is designed with deep pockets to snuggly grasp your mattress and prevent slippage. The pockets have enough depth to easily handle a pillow-top mattress, which has an added layer of thickness. 

The Queen size bottom sheet measures 60" x 80" with a pocket depth of 16" and can effortlessly handle mattresses that are 9" to 18" deep.

All 4 sides of the bottom sheet are edged with elastic to help secure the sheet to the mattress and gather any gaps. A head/foot smart tag is sewn into the top and bottom of the fitted sheet to clearly identify how to position the sheet . . . No more guessing which side is which, you'll get it right on your first try! 

Flat Sheet

With a 4" seam on the top edge of the flat sheet, the Queen size measures 90" x 102" giving you plenty of "extra" to prevent you from playing tug-of-war. 

Pillow Cases

Two standard size pillow cases are included with the Queen set (21" x 30") and each has a nice 4" seam at the opening. I found the pillow cases to be very roomy for my standard sized pillows.

California Design Den Sheets


The sheets can be machine washed and dryed. Use a gentle wash cycle with warm water. Add a non-chlorine bleach when necessary. 

When drying with a clothes dryer, use a low heat setting. If you enjoy your sheets ironed, a warm iron setting will do the trick. I rarely iron my sheets, but enjoy sleeping on ironed pillow cases. I found the California Design Den pillow cases to have a wonderful crisp feel after ironing.  

Sizes and Colors

The California Design Den 400 Thread Count Sheet sets are available in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, RV Short Queen, King, and California King.

Standard sized pillow cases are included with the sheet sets. However, additional standard and king sized pillow cases are available if you need an extra pair.

Many popular colors are available including; blush, sage, blue, ivory, black and pure white. There are other colors and even a few designs to choose between, so you shouldn't have a problem finding a set to match your bedroom decor.


California Design Den wants you to have the sheets that work best for you, which is why they provide excellent customer service. And, if you're not 100% satisfied with your sheets you can return them within 30-days for a full refund.

See How the Sheets are Made Here:

Pro's and Con's

There's a lot to like about these sheets, and for the price, it's hard to find any other sheets that even come close to matching the quality. Here's a quick list of a few of the things we especially liked:

  • Budget friendly
  • High quality
  • Fitted sheet is fully elastic
  • Header/Footer tag on fitted sheet
  • Standard and King-sized pillow cases are available and can be purchased separately.

The only "con" I have with the California Design Den 400 Sheets is wrinkling. But the reality is, if you want healthy cotton sheets, you're going to have wrinkling. It's an issue with all cotton sheets.

If you're after that crisp, pressed appearance you can always use an iron, and pulling them from the dryer immediately will also help minimize the wrinkling. 

Some manufacturers treat their material with anti-wrinkle chemicals, but taking a few minutes to iron them will allow you to sleep in a far more healthy environment. 

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for an all-around great product at a reasonable price, the California Design Den 400 Sheets are an excellent choice. They're clearly the best affordable sheets we've been able to find on the market today.

The sheets are impressive and the company is driven by their commitment to quality. With a 100% Guarantee you can give them a try for 30-days, but we think you'll be considering ordering a second set by that time. These sheets are a best seller for a reason!