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Category Laundry PostsDoing the laundry may seem like just another chore, but this feeling can easily be avoided if it’s something that you enjoy doing. Here at Think Tank, we are continuously providing you with ways to make laundry day something to look forward to.

There can be quite a few problems when it comes to laundry-related things, like the washing machines, dryers and maintenance. However, dealing with those is so much more convenient with the help of the articles on this page.

Washer Hoses: Everything You Need to Know

The washer hoses that supply your clothes washer with hot and cold water are out of view as they quietly perform their duty. In fact, as you start a new load of laundry, you likely don’t even think about how the hot and cold water enters your washer. But that all changes the minute one […]

Washing Machine Buyers Guide

Buying a new clothes washer can be an overwhelming experience. Today there are more features, cycles and overall decisions to make than ever before. But with so much “flash” it’s easy to lose focus and spend money on features that you’ll never use. Our washing machine buyers guide will help you cut thru the sales […]

6 Signs You Need to Buy a New Washing Machine

The question of “when to buy a new washer” doesn’t need to be difficult. Many times it may feel like a balancing act between when to repair and when to purchase. However, with the new efficiency features, the choice is often tilted towards replacement. Frequently, the money you’d spend on repairs is better utilized on a […]

Clothes Dryer Buyers Guide

Our clothes dryer buyers guide will help you research and select the right dryer to meet your household needs. With major improvements in technology and energy standards the dryer’s of today offer incredible performance – but selecting the right one can be overwhelming. If you know what to look for you’ll be able to find […]

How to Measure for a New Washer and Dryer that Fits Perfectly

Learning how to measure for a new washer and dryer can not only help you buy the right size appliances, but also assist in a smooth delivery. Also, by measuring before you begin shopping you’ll save time since you can focus only on units that meet your size requirements.  You might find that selecting the […]

Washer Dryer Combo: Buying Guide

A washer dryer combo may be just the thing you’re looking for, especially if space is in short supply. These units are also commonly called all-in-one washer/dryers, and they are simply a front-load washing machine and a condenser dryer built as a single unit. This gives them the advantage of squeezing into places where two […]

Is A Front Load Washing Machine Right for You?

Are you thinking of purchasing a front load washing machine? Considering that the average family runs 300 loads of laundry every year, a front loader could be a good fit for your household. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine you should definitely consider buying a front loader.Still, they’re not for everybody […]

How To Diagnose and Fix a Noisy Washing Machine

If you have a noisy washer in the spin cycle you may feel like your house is falling apart. However, it is a clear clue that something isn’t right. It could be that a part needs to be replaced or something may just need to be tightened. If you’re not afraid to do a little […]

Why Does My Washer Smell and How to Prevent and Clean It

If your washer stinks the cause is likely from mold growth. A washing machine can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew; and worse, the stinky odor that develops can spread to your clean laundry and even throughout your laundry room! ​One of the main trouble spots is the area above the normal waterline. This […]

How to Fix a Washing Machine: 9 Common Problems

Common washing machine problems can range using too much detergent, to water covering your floor. Some are easy fixes and others may require hiring a professional to diagnose and do the repairs. However, in most cases, with a little bit of troubleshooting you’ll be able to at least have a good idea where the problem […]

From setting up your ideal laundry room, our articles will guide you on the latest in washing machines, tips on washing a variety of materials in your home as well as the maintenance of your washer and dryer.

Once you get your perfect laundry room, you’ll need to furnish it with the right kind of equipment that are perfect for your lifestyle. If you’re not sure which kind to buy – no problem.

We have articles to guide you on the different kinds of washers and dryers and how you are able to choose one that will best fit your needs and budget.

If you have an existing washing machine, you might not know the signs that you need to watch out for to determine if you need an upgrade. We can assist you with that as well.

Additionally, when you go shopping for your new washer and dryer, how do you figure out if it fits in your laundry room? Our handy guide on how to measure washers and dryers in order to determine if they fit the space you allotted for them will make the process easier for you.

If your concerns lie in how to wash certain items around the house like dress shirts, comforters and others, we have articles that will give you tips on how to best wash them. We also provide you with nifty laundry know-hows, such as how to wash your clothes in three easy steps.

If your washer starts to malfunction or smell, our articles on maintenance will guide you through troubleshooting, thus ditching that strange smell in no time.

If your machine’s problem is one of the common issues that happen to washing machines, we can also inform you whether you will be able to do an easy fix yourself, or if it’s time to call a professional to do the fixing for you.

Not only are our articles easy to understand, we even have helpful videos to help you better troubleshoot your washer’s issues.

With the helpful articles on this page, you’ll have less trouble with your laundry in no time. Once you know these tips and tricks to doing your laundry easier, doing the washing won’t seem like such a chore anymore.

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