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    Washer Dryer Combo: Buying Guide

    A washer dryer combo may be just the thing you’re looking for, especially if space is in short supply. These units are also commonly called all-in-one washer/dryers, and they are simply a front-load washing machine and a condenser dryer built as a single unit. This gives them the advantage of squeezing into places where two […]

    Is A Front Load Washing Machine Right for You?

    Are you thinking of purchasing a front load washing machine? Considering that the average family runs 300 loads of laundry every year, a front loader could be a good fit for your household. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine you should definitely consider buying a front loader.Still, they’re not for everybody […]

    How To Diagnose and Fix a Noisy Washing Machine

    If you have a noisy washer in the spin cycle you may feel like your house is falling apart. However, it is a clear clue that something isn’t right. It could be that a part needs to be replaced or something may just need to be tightened. If you’re not afraid to do a little […]

    Why Does My Washer Smell and How to Prevent and Clean It

    If your washer stinks the cause is likely from mold growth. A washing machine can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew; and worse, the stinky odor that develops can spread to your clean laundry and even throughout your laundry room! ​One of the main trouble spots is the area above the normal waterline. This […]

    How to Fix a Washing Machine: 9 Common Problems

    Common washing machine problems can range using too much detergent, to water covering your floor. Some are easy fixes and others may require hiring a professional to diagnose and do the repairs. However, in most cases, with a little bit of troubleshooting you’ll be able to at least have a good idea where the problem […]

    7 Common Dryer Problems and How to Fix Them

    This list of common dryer problems can help you troubleshoot and find the reason your dryer isn’t working as it should. Of course, there may be other issues, but these are the most common problems. Some are simple fixes that won’t even require a screw driver and other solutions may fall outside of your comfort […]

    Noisy Clothes Dryer: What are the Causes? (with videos)

    A noisy clothes dryer is not only annoying, it is also an indication that something is wrong and needs repair. Some noises are relatively simple to fix, others can be a bit more difficult and you may want to consider hiring a professional if you feel it is beyond your skill set. If your dryer […]

    Washing Machine Leaking? Here’s What to Do

    A leaking washing machine can be more than an inconvenience. When a washing machine begins leaking you can end up with a major mess that could result in expensive floor repairs. Many homeowners choose to hire a professional to make the repairs, but it’s actually not too difficult to fix the problem yourself.Whenever you notice […]

    Preventative Maintenance: Keeping Your Tankless Water Heater Humming

    To keep your tankless water heater in good working order, performing preventative maintenance is a must. A tankless system can have a service life of 20+ years assuming it was properly cared for and installed.  The maintenance necessary for a tankless unit is entirely different to the maintenance tasks of a tank-style heater. And since […]

    How to Flush a Tankless Water Heater

    The single most important thing you can do to maintain the health of your tankless water heater is to flush it on a regular basis. Tankless units can have a service life of 20+ years if they are properly cared for, but allow lime scale to build-up within the internal parts of the system and […]

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