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How to Flush a Tankless Water Heater

The single most important thing you can do to maintain the health of your tankless water heater is to flush it on a regular basis. Tankless units can have a service life of 20+ years if they are properly cared for, but allow lime scale to build-up within the internal parts of the system and […]

Tankless Water Heater Buyers Guide

Have you been thinking about purchasing a tankless water heater? They have many benefits over traditional tank-style water heaters, however, there are drawbacks and limitations that you should to be aware of when you’re deciding which is the right choice for you. Tankless systems are also known also as on-demand water heaters because they’re designed to […]

How to Replace a Dip Tube: Step-by-Step Guide

During your regular water heater maintenance checks, you may have noticed that your hot water is now lukewarm, this could be a sign of a broken dip tube. This is the most common symptom, and depending on where the dip tube broke is often what determines the actual temperature. A dip tube is a long plastic […]

High Altitude Solutions For Your Tankless Gas Water Heater

If you live in a high altitude area you may have noticed that your gas water heater isn’t working properly. Natural gas is an excellent fuel source for water heaters, but they need modifications to work in areas of higher elevation. When a water heater is manufactured, it’s designed to work at sea level. At […]

Reduce Energy Consumption & Save Money with Your Water Heater

Have you ever wondered if you can save money by reducing your monthly utility bills? Your water heater is a large contributor to your energy bill (about 25%)  so if you can  conserve energy or replace your system with a more cost effective model, you’ll be able to directly impact your monthly expenses.  Your water […]

How to Install a Gas Water Heater: A Step-by-Step DIY Guide

It comes to a time when a water heater replacement is essential, but it need not be overly expensive. Gas water heater installation may seem intimidating, but it’s actually easier than you may think. If the job is bigger than you want to tackle, you can always hire a professional plumber. They’ll be happy to install […]

How to Install an Electric Water Heater

Electric water heater installation is a great do-it-yourself task. It really isn’t as hard as you may think. If you’re not afraid of doing some basic electrical work and plumbing, you can save yourself some money. The average service life of a water heater is between 8 to 12 years. If your heater is reaching […]

How to Unclog a Drain Valve: When You Can’t Drain Your Water Heater

Knowing how to unclog a drain valve can save the day when you have 50+ gallons of hot water in your tank and it doesn’t want to drain! The most common reason a drain valve clogs is from excessive sediment. Flushing sediment should be a part of your regular heater maintenance tasks to ensure the […]

How to Repair Water Damage From A Leaking Water Heater

Water damage and a leaking water heater go hand-in-hand. That’s especially true if you didn’t detect your leak until your floor was covered in water. Once you’ve fixed the leak it’s time to assess your floor for damage.  All types of flooring can suffer water damage. But wood flooring is especially at risk.Depending on where […]

T&P Relief Valve: An Important Water Heater Safety Device

The T&P Relief Valve, short for Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve, is a critical safety device on your water heater. This valve may sit quietly unnoticed on your water heater, but it has a very important purpose: To keep your heater from exploding! If your T&P relief valve is properly functioning and your tank has an […]

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