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Best Closet Organization System for Your Bedroom

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Finding the best closet organization system can help you put and keep your bedroom in order. Getting dressed can be a challenge when your closet is disorganized, especially when you can't locate a pair of shoes or find a specific article of clothing.

Fortunately, there are many different organization options available on the market today that can help you keep everything in it's place. We'll help you find the best closet organization system for you by showing you what to look for before you go shopping, and we'll even show you our favorite systems.

Buyers Guide Closet Organization

Buying Guide: Closet Organization System

A closet organization system is a kit that combines different storage types into one unit. Most systems include hanger rods, shelves, and drawers to help you organize your closet.

But some of the best closet systems allow you to pick and choose accessories such as shoe racks, hampers and baskets. These types of kits are usually highly customizable and can be rearranged later as your needs grow and change over time. 

The closet organization system you purchase will likely be used daily for many years. Before you start shopping, here's a few of the key considerations to help you select the right system to meet your needs.

  • Customizable: Being able to customize your closet organizer to meet your needs today is a huge advantage, but over time, your needs will likely change. You may want to rearrange the layout, or purchase new accessories. If the system you purchase today can meet your future needs by simply making a few adjustments, you won't need to purchase a whole new system . . . or worse, have a messy closet!
  • Durability: Look for a closet organization system that is durable. Certainly solid surface systems rate well in this area, but don't automatically discount those made with wire.
  • Ease of Installation: Will you be installing it yourself? Can it be adapted to your closet size without cutting?
  • Available Space: We highly recommend taking advantage of all of your available closet space. Start the organizer at one wall and run to the next, without any gaps between the wall and the shelf. Be sure that the shelves are the appropriate height and width. 
  • Hanging Storage:  Different types of clothing hang at different levels, as an example, pants won't need the same amount of vertical space as jackets. Install your rods at two or three different levels. One should be near the top of the closet and the other at the middle. You may even want to place a rod lower.
  • Shelving: Do you want wire shelves or do you prefer a solid surface? Wire shelving allows air to pass through and provides ventilation for your clothing. However, solid shelves are sturdy and small items won't fall thru.
  • Shoe Storage: There's several options for shoe storage with most closet organization systems. If you have the space, we recommend purchasing a slanted platform shoe rack that'll allow viewing of your shoes at the same level, but many people prefer a shoe cubby. However, if space is limited, you might opt to purchase an over-the-door shoe organizer. They are inexpensive and you'll be able to maximize your closet space.
  • Baskets and Boxes: Available in a variety of designs and sizes, utilizing baskets and boxes allows you to store things in an organized fashion. Many closet systems have an upper shelf that provides an ideal location to store a box of lesser used items. It's also common to have baskets built into the unit itself that can be extended from a rail and tucked back in when not used. 
  • Tie and Belt Organizer: Having a built-in tie and belt organizer is a handy feature. But there's also the option of purchasing a hanger type organizer.
  • Hamper: A less common feature in many systems is the built-in hamper for your dirty clothes. This is one of the reasons we really like the FreedomRail from Organized Living. They have a wide range of accessories to choose from, and if you have the space, a hamper can help keep your bedroom neat and tidy.
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Closet Organization System Reviews

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly closet system, Easy Track is a great solution. This modular closet system is not only affordable, but it offers plenty of options. The deluxe tower comes with a basic set-up so you'll have an excellent starting point, then add drawers, shelves, baskets or doors to fully customize it to meet your needs. 

The Easy Track Deluxe Closet System is relatively easy to install and will fit any size closet from 4-to-8 feet. Simply install the easy track to the wall and hang the walls and shelving.

Everything is preassembled and drilled so all you need to do is put it together.  The shelves are a solid surface that prevents items from slipping thru, which is a common complaint with wire closet systems.

Easy Track has excellent customer service and even offers a design feature on their website. If you choose to add drawers they will need to be assembled, which is not difficult, but may be time consuming depending on how many you add.

We think Easy Track is a great choice and is among the best modular closet systems on the market. This is a quality product with a reasonable price tag, and the company offers a lifetime limited residential warranty.

ClosetMaid is both popular and affordable, in fact, many people consider it to be one of the best closet systems available for the money. This kit includes the hang track, shelf brackets. standards, closet rods, closet rod support and SuperSlider shelves.

If you're unsure of the closet layout you want, it isn't a problem. This ClosetMaid kit can be customized to 10 different configurations.  In addition, you can purchase accessories such as hanging baskets, shelf liners, and stacking shelves to help maximize your space.

ClosetMaid is made in the United States and this kit includes 132 inches of hanging space, 216 inches of shelf space, and a 36 inch shoe shelf. The shelves are 12 inches deep and the wire is vinyl coated steel.

It can, however, be a little tricky to assemble and you may need to do some cutting for it to fit properly. Also, even though there are 10 different configurations, you do need to decide which one you choose before you begin. And, many people find the instructions to be a bit challenging. Still, if you're looking for an affordable wire shelf closet system, this is a really solid choice.

As a highly recognized household  brand, Rubbermaid has gained a reputation of designing high quality products at a price that can meet nearly every budget. The Rubbermaid Configurations Custom Closet Deluxe Kit is a perfect example of the type of products Rubbermaid offers. It's highly customizable, affordable and easy to install.

The user friendly design of this closet organizer makes it easy to assemble. Simply select the correct sized kit for your closet, install the rails to the wall and adjust to fit by using the telescoping rods and expanding shelves. No cutting required!

There are several different kits available so be sure to find the one that best fits your closet as well as your needs. All of the kits are highly customizable, with well designed accessories such as a tie and belt organizerpants rack, and sliding baskets.

The closet system is very durable, can be easily customized and reconfigured and the wire shelving is epoxy coated steel. 

This is without a doubt our favorite wire shelf closet system and it comes with a one-year limited warranty. If you're looking for a system that you can easily customize today, yet make changes to in the future, and you don't want to spend a lot of money, we don't think you'll be disappointed buying this system.

The Organized Living FreedomRail takes customization to a new level. This easy to install closet organization system is designed so that everything hangs from a horizontal rail. Once the horizontal rail is in place, you'll be set to build and customize your closet and easily make adjustments as your needs change over time.

Add hampers, tie and belt racks, shoe cubbies, wire baskets and even drawers. The accessory choices are endless and the FreedomRail system isn't limited to the closet either. It can be used in garages, pantries, and laundry rooms allowing you the ability to mix and match your accessories as you make changes.  

Made in the United States, the Freedom Rail is designed to last. Heavy gauge steel gives the rail the ability to hold 100 pounds of weight per linear foot, which is more weight than other rail-based closet systems. 

We'd consider this closet organization system to fall into the mid-priced range, so it may be out of some budgets. However, this is by far our favorite system.

It's hard to beat the quality construction and customization capabilities, and with one of the best warranties in the industry (10-years) we think it's well worth the investment.

If you're looking for a closet system that has the stunning look and feel of solid wood, you should definitely consider this one from John Louis Home.

As you might imagine, solid wood is more expensive than particle board and wire organization systems, but John Louis Home has found a nice balance between quality and price and we think they offer an exceptional product.

Made from solid pine hardwood and available with a choice of honey maple or red mahogany finish, this kit comes with three felt lined 10-inch drawers and offers 22-feet of ventilated shelf space.

One of the drawbacks with purchasing a solid wood closet organizer is the lack of customization. Modular and wire systems are easy to assemble and customize, but they are unable to offer the attractiveness  and rich feel of this stylish unit.

Set up is also a bit more challenging. If you're handy, you should be able to install your new John Louis Home closet system relatively easily, it just may take a little more time. But many people choose to simply hire a professional to install the system. Whatever you choose, we think you'll be very happy with the exceptional rich look and functionality of this system.