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Noisy Clothes Dryer: What are the Causes? (with videos)

A noisy clothes dryer is not only annoying, it is also an indication that something is wrong and needs repair. Some noises are relatively simple to fix, others can be a bit more difficult and you may want to consider hiring a professional if you feel it is beyond your skill set. If your dryer […]

High Altitude Solutions For Your Tankless Gas Water Heater

If you live in a high altitude area you may have noticed that your gas water heater isn’t working properly. Natural gas is an excellent fuel source for water heaters, but they need modifications to work in areas of higher elevation. When a water heater is manufactured, it’s designed to work at sea level. At […]

When to Replace Water Heater: 5 Clues Your Hot Water Heater is Going to Fail

Water heater replacement is rarely something people get excited about. In fact, most people don’t realize how critical a water heater is to their day-to-day life until they wake-up one morning and find they only have cold water! When a water heater isn’t properly working the ability to wash clothing, run a dishwasher and take […]

No Hot Water: Tips for Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Having no hot water can drastically affect your daily routine. There’s a number of reasons your hot water has turned cold, and in many cases you can fix the problem yourself with a few small ​maintenance tasks which wont require the need for a professional plumber.   If your hot water is lukewarm, the problem may […]

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