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A tilt out laundry hamper is an excellent way to gain extra space in a bathroom, hallway or bedroom. Not only do these hampers conceal your dirty laundry, but they can be used as a table top to store other necessities, or even fold your clothes.

Whether you're looking for a single tilt out hamper or a triple sized one, there's plenty of options to choose between. This article will help you find the right laundry hamper for your space.

Top Tilt Out Laundry Hampers

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Budget Friendly

HOMCOM 31" Tilt Out Laundry Hamper, Free Standing Home Organizer Hamper, Bathroom Storage Cabinet, White
  • White matte finish
  • Water and wear resistant
  • Convenient top shelf

Best Overall

Crosley Furniture Lydia Two-Compartment Tilt-Out Linen Hamper, Espresso
  • Removable cloth bags
  • 2 Compartments
  • Available in 3 colors

Our Pick

Household Essentials Tilt-Out Laundry Sorter Cabinet with Shutter Front
  • Washable hamper liners
  • Holds 2+ loads of laundry
  • 2 Compartments

Crosley Furniture Lydia Two-Compartment Tilt-Out Linen Hamper, White

 What is a Tilt Out Laundry Hamper?

Many people wonder what the difference is between a laundry hamper and a basket, but the truth is, although they may be structurally different, in the end they can perform many of the same tasks. 

A laundry basket is portable and lightweight. It's typically used to carry your dirty clothes to the laundry room and your clean clothes to your bedroom.

Where a laundry hamper is designed to be stationary. They're frequently located in a bedroom or bathroom so dirty clothes can be placed inside and out of view.

A tilt out laundry hamper has a handle on the upper part of the front panel that opens the compartment on a hinge located at the bottom. Sometimes there's a bag or basket where the dirty clothes can be placed. Although, this isn't necessary, it does make transporting your dirty laundry easier as the bag can be removed and carried to the laundry room.

Since laundry hampers are stationary cabinets, the table top can be used as a shelf or even to fold clean clothes.

Tilt-out laundry hampers allow you to keep your space clean and tidy, organizing necessities on the top shelf while hiding your dirty laundry from view.

Giantex Laundry Hamper Tilt-Out Laundry Linen Hamper Bamboo Freestanding Clothes Basket W/ Shelf & Removable Liner, Storage Laundry Shelf for Bathroom Living Room Bedroom, 16’’x13’’x37.5’’(L x W x H)

Best Single Tilt Out Laundry Hampers

As you begin shopping, you'll notice that there's a wide range of choices on the market today. You can find single, double, and even triple sized hamper designs. 

The amount of available physical space will likely be the major determining factor to which size you choose, but just because you have the space doesn't always mean you want the largest size. 

Here are a few of our favorites to help you get started.

HOMCOM Tilt Out Laundry Hamper

Made from engineered wood, the HOMCOM Tilt Out Laundry Hamper is ideal for bathrooms. It stands 31-inches tall and is less that 16-inches wide which allows it to fit into tight spaces. The hamper itself provides plenty of storage with its 8.75" x 12.5" x 13.5" compartment.

The elegant style of the HOMCOM hamper has elevated feet which protects the bottom from water damage and makes cleaning a snap. The matte white paint finish is water and wear resistant and matches any decor.

Although designed for the bathroom, it's the perfect addition to a bedroom or laundry room, and can be used as a laundry hamper, for extra clean towels, a recycling bin or even a toy bin. The versatile top shelf is an excellent place for bathroom or laundry accessories, or for a lamp and books. It can handle up to 66-pounds of weight.

Giantex Bamboo Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper

The Giantex Laundry Hamper stands over 37-inches tall and is made with bamboo which gives it a modern, stylish look. It's16-inches wide and weighs less than 11-pounds, but just because it's lightweight doesn't mean it's not incredibly sturdy and durable.

With two shelfs there's plenty of space to store necessities, but what sets this tilt-out hamper apart from the rest is the removable liner with a built-in handle. The 600D polyester cloth hamper can easily be lifted from the bamboo frame and carried to your laundry room. No need to reach in and move your dirty clothes to a laundry basket. 

The removable hamper liner measures 12-inches wide and 20-inches tall providing plenty of room for dirty clothes.

SIMPLIHOME Avington Laundry Hamper

The SIMPLIHOME Avington Tilt Out Laundry Hamper is compact and versatile and stands 30-inches tall. Made from Rubber wood and high quality MDF, the hamper has a durable white painted finish which is then sealed with a NC lacquer coating.

Designed to fit any bathroom decor, the SIMPLIHOME Avington Laundry Hamper has a classic contemporary style. The front tilt out panel hides your dirty laundry from view, and the top of the cabinet is excellent for placing extra bath toiletries. 

The simple, yet beautiful design features tapered legs, a shaker style front and side panels, not to mention the molded top. Although designed for the bathroom, this piece would work nicely in closets and bedrooms.

RiverRidge Ellsworth Tilt-Out Hamper

The RiverRidge Ellsworth Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper has a removable cloth bag that sits within the hamper which makes transferring your dirty laundry a very easy. In addition, it's designed to be anchored to a wall, eliminating any chance of it tipping over.

The shuttered door design and white painted finish gives the hamper a stylish look that'll fit any bathroom, bedroom or hallway. It stands 30-inches tall and has a maximum weight capacity of 40-pounds, and is constructed of durable MDF.

RiverRidge manufacturers many other items in their Ellsworth Collection, so you can pair it with other items that match perfectly or use it as a stand alone piece.

HOMCOM Tilt-Out Laundry Sorter Cabinet, Bathroom Storage Organizer with Two-Compartment Tilt-Out Hamper, White

Best Double Tilt Out Laundry Hampers

Double tilt-out laundry hampers offer extra space for your dirty laundry with makes them an excellent choice for large households, and the extra compartment gives you an opportunity to sort your dirty laundry.

Crosley Lydia Two-Compartment Hamper

Standing 31-inches tall, the Crosley Lydia Two-Compartment Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper is designed with style in mind. The two tilt-out compartments come with removable cloth bags and are hidden behind the stylish louvered doors.

The two compartments make sorting your dirty laundry easy, and the large top provides plenty of space for toiletries or whatever you may want to keep on top. Its stylish design and compact size makes it a good choice for the bathroom, bedroom, or a hallway.

Made of solid hardwood and veneer construction, it's available in three different colors: Expresso, gray, and white to match any decor.

Household Essentials Laundry Cabinet

The Household Essentials Double Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper has two compartments hidden behind wood slatted doors. Standing under 29-inches tall and 30-inches wide, this hamper can hold over 2 loads of laundry.

There's two washable hamper liners made of a cotton/polyester blend that fit over wooden handles. The design makes them easy to lift from the hamper. The white color gives it a clean look and allows it to match any room decor.

HOMCOM Two Compartment Hamper

The two compartment tilt-out laundry hamper by HOMCOM can handle up to 132-pounds of total weight, and each compartment can hold 11-pounds of dirty laundry. The high-quality material, and smooth, white surface resists water making it ideal for bathrooms.

The four legs keep the base of the hamper off the ground and allows for easy cleaning. It's constructed of MDF board which gives it a sturdy build, and designed to be attached to the wall to prevent tipping.

Home Decorators Hampton Bay Triple Tilt-Out Hamper

Home Decorators Hampton Bay manufacturers a triple tilt out laundry hamper which is ideal for large households. It stands 27-inches high and is 37-inches wide, so there's plenty of counter top space to fold your clothes or place other necessities.

Each compartment has a washable cotton lining to help making transferring your clothes easy. The bun feet keep the cabinet off the floor, and the white finish looks great in any setting.

Marking cut mark on lumber

Build Your Own Tilt Out Laundry Hamper

If you enjoy a DIY project, you might want to build your own tilt out laundry hamper. Building your own hamper will give you the flexibly to not only add the features that you want, but also to fit a specific space. 

This video shows how one resourceful DIYer built his own.

Watch the Video

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